Together let’s build
a sustainable future


To provide leadership and collaboration for Qatar in guiding and adopting environmentally sustainable practices for green building design and development, support the health and sustainability of our environment, people and economic security for generations to come.


To generate and foster awareness , create understanding and to initiate education; develop a definitive set of clear environmental and green building best practice guidelines; and to support and commit to research and development.

“The mission of the Qatar Green Building Council is in complete alignment with the inspiring vision of H.H. the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani for the State of Qatar. Driven by this vision and the global appreciation of the importance of founding viable futures through sustainable development, the Qatar Green Building Council is combining technical expertise with stakeholder engagement, education, community relations and strategy development to make a unique contribution to the local front of sustainable development. Through participating in developing and continuously improving the green building guidelines, performing systematic research and innovation programs, providing education, recognizing and rewarding best green practices and promoting industry and community awareness, the Qatar Green Building Council aims at instigating sustainable enrichment of the built, natural, economic and social environments. Sustainable development is a process in which all of us are stakeholders and beneficiaries; together we build a sustainable tomorrow.”

QGBC Board of trustees Chairman, Eng. Issa Al-Mohannadi