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Start Date/Time:
16/10/17 9:15 AM Download ICS File
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17/10/17 9:15 AM
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Smart Streets

Smart Streets Summit
16 -17 October, 2017
Doha, Qatar

Enabling streets planning and built roads management to achieve the Smart Cities Vision for Qatar

About Smart Street Summit

Globally governments are investing millions in technology that can improve the conditions of streets, roads & highways but also allow them to better manage and predict for any future calamities. Smart solutions applied in streets will directly deal with the citizens day-to-day problems, such as traffic jams in the city, the search for parking spots etc. which will improve the quality of life and at the same time generate savings for the city in terms of energy and finance.

Countries like Sweden, Netherlands & UK are investing heavily in technologies that can help them to reduce road accidents, surveillance & monitoring systems for road violation, provide uninterrupted electricity and to beautify & create appealing streets for public. In Middle East, cities like Dubai and Doha are adopting technologies that can help them to create more vibrant, smart and appealing streets around the city.

In 2017, a recent announcement by Qatari Minister of Transport and Communication, Qatar has allocated 42 billion riyals ($11 billion) for transportation projects in the state, representing 21.2% of the total budget for 2017. Road projects include Lusail Street, Al Rayyan Street, Al Dokhan Street, as well as a new ring road for trucks and the new Khor road. Qatar is currently spending $500 million a week on special projects in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. It is expected that this weekly expenditure will last for the next 3-4 years until the country is ready to welcome the global event. (Source: Ventures Onsite)
"Smart Street Summit Qatar 2017" will create the opportunity to develop dialogue, transfer knowledge between technology providers, government officials, consultants & with other key stake holders on the investments, implementation of such technology for Qatari streets & roads.

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